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The Kitchen includes much more than just walls, floor, and ceiling. There are many components in the kitchen; most buyers will evaluate the condition of the house based upon this one room. A radiant, well organized and maintained kitchen speaks volumes to buyers that you have paid attention to every detail in the upkeep of your home.

The first step in staging a kitchen is to get rid of unused clutter. Home buyers look for kitchens that are functional and spacious. The goal is to maximize all counter and cabinet space. Countertops should be clear of all items except for a few neutral decorative pieces displayed in the corners. Leaving appliances on your countertops gives buyers the impression that your kitchen has limited cabinet space. Also, discard of any items inside your cabinets and pantry that you do not use. Take everything out of your cabinets and drawers and clean and wipe down out all the cabinets and drawers. Throw away all of those products that you do not use. Put back items that you just can't live without. When putting items back into the cabinetry be sure to arrange them neatly and orderly. Remember that you want the kitchen to look as organized as possible.

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