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Uploaded on January 28, 2009 by athompson

Push Button Xtreme is a "Forced Matrix" Network Marketing opportunity like no other. What does that mean? So you know, a Forced Matrix ensures that you are pushed up the commission cycle ladder, which means you are guaranteed to get paid. Regardless. This is great news! The way it works is simple. You sign up, remain a member and get paid up to a guaranteed $1980 per month even if you never bring anyone into the business. How is this possible? Excellent question. First off, for network marketing opportunities to be legal, they must first have a product to sell, and the product that Push Button Xtreme (PBX) is selling is a "turnkey" Lead Generation System perfecty married to it's all inclusive Marketing Solution. Secondly, as anyone who has delved into network marketing will quickly realize, it must have a fair and generous compensation plan, and PBX gets a big tick for that one. Finally PBX not only gives you the opportunity to get on with the business of making money online with a simple and straight forward solution, it does so with sheer brilliance because of it being a digital product. Which means because production costs are low, there are more profits to go around, and as it is a digital product you have immediate access to all of the tools to make it happen. Your next step after you've watched the video is to go to the signup page and take the plunge here:

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