Self Treatment Sports Fitness Related Pain Full Injuries #2

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are happy to announce that Boris Prilutsky's Sports Injuries Self Management DVDs are now available for Gen...
are happy to announce that Boris Prilutsky's Sports Injuries Self Management DVDs are now available for General public. These DVDs cover most of the possible sports injuries and other injuries that are caused by different circumstances, but are in fact the same injuries from the medical stand point and require identical treatment. If you have neck and upper back pain, shoulder pain, elbow and wrist pain, lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain, shin splints or ankle pain then these DVDs are for you. Not all people might know that the most severe injuries results from a non-completely rehabilitated minor injuries. People receive anti-inflammatory treatment, inhibit pain and think that they can continue with their regular work our regime. This is a very dangerous oversight. Absence of pain doesnt compensate for the lack of stability and strength in the injured region. The weakened region thus is a ticking bomb and is much more prone to re-injury than it was originally. In order to truly rehabilitate yourself you need to have at least 15 to 20 comprehensive treatments that include massage, ice and hot stone therapy, rehabilitative exercises and, not less important, implementation of post isometric relaxation and neuromuscular reeducation techniques. If you dont have time and financial capabilities for 15 to 20 visits to a rehabilitation facility these DVD series is a valuable alternative that allow you and show you exactly how to self rehabilitate yourself. These DVDs are also excellent source for athletes and sports enthusiasts who want to minimize chances of receiving sports related injuries and to make their muscles, ligaments and tendons as robust and resistant to injuries as possible. It also offers much discussion about sports fitness, various sports related injuries, massage therapy for shoulders, understanding shoulder pain, treating shin splints and much more. To purchase these DVDs please click the link below injuries