Installing an Manual Cut Off Valve for an Irrigation System

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Uploaded on January 30, 2009 by Patrickcash

This is your solenoid right here and a quarter turn opens it, once there is pressure on it, and a quarter turn closes it. So if your solenoid goes bad you can unscrew this and replace the whole solenoid. But if this inside goes bad then you can take this right here, stick it on there and close the manual valve that closes the whole thing off.

We also have a manual cutoff to the entire system, which is put before the backflow valve. It’s just a regular manual ball valve and it’s kind of low in the ground in this particular instance, so we’re going to add a piece of four inch corrugated pipe so that we can reach down deeper than the depth of our actual box, our valve box there and turn that off.

So there you see the little pipe. We’ve cut it to fit in place and over the valve, the manual cutoff. And then we’re going to bury that at the height of the dirt or soil or grass that we need.

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