Kane and Lynch: Dead Man - Walkthrough - Impact -2


Uploaded on February 08, 2009 by K Goddard

Kane and Lynch: Dead Man Walkthrough brought to you by K Goddard. Difficulty: Morphine (Hard) P.S.-Some of the videos have altered audio due to the fact that I had my volume too loud when recording without realizing that my headset was at half volume. Pros: K&L provides a game with constant action and gun fights. The storyline is halfway decent and Lynch's remarks and language is humorous at times. The gun sounds are really deep which is a bonus because it makes the player feel that they are there at every shot. Cons: Horrid Camera angles and movement. The wall cover system jumps the character on and off and changes the camera with no option if I wanted to do so. Your team has bad aim and I find that I have to do all the killing (might be difficulty dependent). The maps are very linear and not vary many choices on how to attack the enemy.

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