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Performed at a few temples in the Central Travancore region, Patayani is a ritual art form. During the dance the performers attain a frenzied trance which culminate in extremely vigorous movements. It is a symbolic act for pleasing the goddess Bhadrakaali and bringing her out of the frenzied trance after her victory over the mythical demon Daarika. Patayani is performed during a week-long festival at the Kaali temples during March\April. It is accompanied by songs and percussion instruments like Thappu and Chenda. Kadammanitta, Kadalimangalam, Neelamperur and Othara in Pathanamthitta are famous for annual Patayani performances.
Equally interesting is to watch the villagers effortlessly making the Kolam or the mask worn by the Patayani performers. Kolams are made out of fresh spathe of arecanut. They are designed by the members of the Ganaka community and executed by a group of villagers. To keep the freshness of the spathe all the kolams are made just before the

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