Kama Sutra Kiss [18+]

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Uploaded on February 06, 2009 by kamasutraxoxo

Love is like water, transparent but apparent everywhere. The idea is it's has to be practiced like a habit, if you don't practice it permanently you will be weak at it much as an athlete without training has no muscle strength. Practice love and you gain love. It's simple but no one does it...Love is everything, and everything is worth nothing except love...

Music video in progress for Kama Sutra.
Please note we are changing the music (ie ading more hip hop and house music) and editing the visuals.
We had a lot of really talented people help us out with the art and animation. We will be posting links to all the artists sites upon completion. The final cuts should be up in around a month.
See our other websites at www.myspace.com/kamasutraxoxo

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