Bramates Bra Liners: the Breast Sweat and Breast Rash Solution.

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BraMates are a three layer cotton liner that fits between the bra and the bottom of the breast and absorbs breast sweat. The first layer wicks sweat from the breast. The second layer holds the moisture while the third layer prevents the moisture from passing through to the bra or outer garment.

BraMates will stay in place during strenuous physical activities. BraMates were designed by an active women for active women. Whether you're in Yoga class or on the dance floor with your friends, BraMates bra liners will stay in place, provide comfort, and prevent embarrassment from unsightly sweat marks.

BraMates will prevent breast sweat from damaging garments and undergarments. Sweat is highly corrosive and will decrease the life of cloth. BraMates will prevent this damage.

BraMates will also prevent occurrences of intertrigo when used regularly as part of a consistent hygiene program.

BraMates will make you more confident. Without the discomfort or the fear of embarrassment you'll be poised, self assured and secure. BraMates are double money back guaranteed. For more information or to order visit Sizes C-FF

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