World Ventures or MOR Vacations?

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Published 13 Feb 2009
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Question: why would Johnny Bolton want to leave his position i... (770) 995-0029

Question: why would Johnny Bolton want to leave his position in a perfectly good place in another travel opp? Why would quite a number of affiliates leave that company to join him in MOR Vacations? Why did WE join Johnny Bolton?

Imagine a travel opportunity that would let you earn up to 75% in commissions, and would cost you only $1898. Does that sound like a dream?

Does this sound just unbelievable? Well, believe it! MOR Vacations is one Internet Marketing phenomenon that compelled Johnny Bolton leave another established travel opp just for MOR Vacations! Would you want to take the chance with him, and with us?

When you sign up with MOR Vacations, we will help you set up your accounts, provide you with excellent customer service that would help you set up even your own autoresponders. Sounds sweet? MOR Vacations IS a sweet deal!

We sweeten the deal further by letting you know that prospective members with FICO scores of 449 and above would get 100% financing from the company that MOR Vacations represents.

If you think that this is the sweetest deal to splash across the Internet, we suggest you join us in MOR Vacations today!
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