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Mazes from Cyclonic's "The Maze Collection"
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Dole Plantation Maze -- Oahu, Hawaii
21°31'29.97"N, 158° 2'14.68"W
Spider Web - Layton, Utah
41° 4'5.76"N, 111°59'8.61"W
The Maize at HeeHaws Fun Farm
like the Spider Web has now been plowed.

3) McCall's Pumpkin Patch - New Mexico
35° 1'11.31"N, 106° 4'43.34"W
"HELP" Maze
39°37'40.95"N, 104°55'14.84"W
Greenwood Village, Colorado

5) Fritzler Maze - LaSalle, Colorado
40°17'56.63"N, 104°45'32.54"W
2004 - Freedom Reigns -- Iwo Jima
2006 - The Colorado Quarter
Land of Lincoln Corn Maze -- Illinois
40°56'39.47"N, 88°46'46.74"W

7) Peace Maze - Castlewellan, Northern Ireland
54°15'30.06"N, 5°57'11.92"W
Hazlehead Park -- Aberdeen, Scotland
57° 8'21.84"N, 2°10'51.44"W
Thoresby Mega Maze -- Nottinghamshire
53°14'19.51"N, 1° 2'11.09"W
Thoresby Home Farm, Perlethorpe, England
Wonderland Pleasure Park Hedge Maze
53° 6'32.86"N, 1° 3'52.58"W
Nottinghamshire, England
Hatfield House Maze
51°45'37.49"N, 0°12'25.12"W
Hertfordshire, England
Somerleyton Hall Maze
52°31'23.18"N, 1°40'24.54"E
Suffolk, England
de Uithof, Den Haag, The Netherlands
52° 2'1.49"N, 4°14'54.76"E

14) Amstelpark, Amsterdam
52°19'59.34"N, 4°53'30.16"E

15) Labyrinth & Tree of Life
52° 3'34.36"N, 0°43'28.27"W
Milton Keynes, UK
Capel Manor College - Enfield, England
51°40'50.88"N, 0° 3'28.71"W
Alice in Wonderland Park
50°46'32.49"N, 1°50'41.53"W
Christchurch, Dorset
Barton Manor - Isle of Wight
50°44'46.42"N, 1°15'53.24"W
Amazing Cornish Maize Maze
50°26'45.42"N, 4°16'1.83"W
Smeaton Farm, Pillaton, Saltash, Cornwall
Longleat House
51°11'16.77"N, 2°16'40.04"W
51°11'9.37"N, 2°16'24.95"W
Warminster, Wiltshire, England
Foot Maze - Wiltshire, England
51°17'38.82"N, 1°32'5.34"W
Conholt House, Tangley

22) Crystal Palace Park Hedge Maze
51°25'22.37"N, 0° 4'6.16"W
Bromley, South London, England
Hampton Court Maze
51°24'22.29"N, 0°20'15.70"W
London, England
Made around the year 1690
Ruurlo, Netherlands
52° 4'41.86"N, 6°26'1.03"E
Copied from Hampton Court around 1890
hedge maze you can walk through:
Maze Tree - Emsbüren, Germany
52°22'22.50"N, 7°20'4.75"E

26) Herrenhäuser Gärten
52°23'24.80"N, 9°41'42.97"E
Hanover, Germany
Guyancourt, le quartier des Saules
48°46'50.80"N, 2° 2'51.91"E
Paris, France
Lempdes, Puy-de-Dôme, France
45°46'43.81"N, 3°10'56.00"E

29) Labyrinthe de Bouguenais - France
47°10'9.43"N, 1°39'18.16"W

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