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CLICK (More info) FOR VIDEO DETAILS Mazes from Cyclonic's "The Maze Collection" in Google Earth Co...
CLICK (More info) FOR VIDEO DETAILS Mazes from Cyclonic's "The Maze Collection" in Google Earth Community Dole Plantation Maze -- Oahu, Hawaii 21°31'29.97"N, 158° 2'14.68"W Spider Web - Layton, Utah 41° 4'5.76"N, 111°59'8.61"W The Maize at HeeHaws Fun Farm like the Spider Web has now been plowed. 3) McCall's Pumpkin Patch - New Mexico 35° 1'11.31"N, 106° 4'43.34"W "HELP" Maze 39°37'40.95"N, 104°55'14.84"W Greenwood Village, Colorado 5) Fritzler Maze - LaSalle, Colorado 40°17'56.63"N, 104°45'32.54"W 2004 - Freedom Reigns -- Iwo Jima 2006 - The Colorado Quarter Land of Lincoln Corn Maze -- Illinois 40°56'39.47"N, 88°46'46.74"W 7) Peace Maze - Castlewellan, Northern Ireland 54°15'30.06"N, 5°57'11.92"W Hazlehead Park -- Aberdeen, Scotland 57° 8'21.84"N, 2°10'51.44"W Thoresby Mega Maze -- Nottinghamshire 53°14'19.51"N, 1° 2'11.09"W Thoresby Home Farm, Perlethorpe, England Wonderland Pleasure Park Hedge Maze 53° 6'32.86"N, 1° 3'52.58"W Nottinghamshire, England Hatfield House Maze 51°45'37.49"N, 0°12'25.12"W Hertfordshire, England Somerleyton Hall Maze 52°31'23.18"N, 1°40'24.54"E Suffolk, England de Uithof, Den Haag, The Netherlands 52° 2'1.49"N, 4°14'54.76"E 14) Amstelpark, Amsterdam 52°19'59.34"N, 4°53'30.16"E 15) Labyrinth & Tree of Life 52° 3'34.36"N, 0°43'28.27"W Milton Keynes, UK Capel Manor College - Enfield, England 51°40'50.88"N, 0° 3'28.71"W Alice in Wonderland Park 50°46'32.49"N, 1°50'41.53"W Christchurch, Dorset Barton Manor - Isle of Wight 50°44'46.42"N, 1°15'53.24"W Amazing Cornish Maize Maze 50°26'45.42"N, 4°16'1.83"W Smeaton Farm, Pillaton, Saltash, Cornwall Longleat House 51°11'16.77"N, 2°16'40.04"W 51°11'9.37"N, 2°16'24.95"W Warminster, Wiltshire, England Foot Maze - Wiltshire, England 51°17'38.82"N, 1°32'5.34"W Conholt House, Tangley 22) Crystal Palace Park Hedge Maze 51°25'22.37"N, 0° 4'6.16"W Bromley, South London, England Hampton Court Maze 51°24'22.29"N, 0°20'15.70"W London, England Made around the year 1690 Ruurlo, Netherlands 52° 4'41.86"N, 6°26'1.03"E Copied from Hampton Court around 1890 hedge maze you can walk through: Maze Tree - Emsbüren, Germany 52°22'22.50"N, 7°20'4.75"E 26) Herrenhäuser Gärten 52°23'24.80"N, 9°41'42.97"E Hanover, Germany Guyancourt, le quartier des Saules 48°46'50.80"N, 2° 2'51.91"E Paris, France Lempdes, Puy-de-Dôme, France 45°46'43.81"N, 3°10'56.00"E 29) Labyrinthe de Bouguenais - France 47°10'9.43"N, 1°39'18.16"W