Metabowize 10 Day Action Plan Day-6.

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Tip Six: Increasing Fiber Intake

Dietary fiber contributes to the reduction of excess body fat, high blood sugar, high cholesterol as well as eliminating excess toxins and waste from the body. 35 grams per day is the minimum requirement of fiber, however, experts believe that people take in less than half of this amount.

-Debbie K. Cambridge, ON CANADA

Within the first 5 days of starting the MetaboWize program I noticed some amazing things were happening. First of all, I love the protein fiber shake. It is delicious and I feel full after consuming it and I found I had no desire to eat other things in between my meals. My energy has increased and I am sleeping through the night for the first time in a long time and wake very refreshed. I can now exercise longer without getting tired. After one month I have lost 14 lbs. and 16-1/2". I can feel my clothes getting looser everyday. This product is truly a winner!

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