Water Hybrid Car - Hydrogen Conversion Kit - How To Run Car Plans


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HHO Conversion kits are safe, easy to build and install, and a very effective way to save on gas money. You can convert any car or vehicle, even diesel to use water as a fuel source. Check our site for the best DIY guides and pre-assembled complete Hydrogen Conversion Kits.

This is NOT running a car on 100% water, but using electrolysis to extract hydrogen based gas from water and injecting this gas into the vehicle air intake system. THIS IS NOT A SCAM!

HHO Technology has been kept hidden from the general public on purpose, because of GREED. The oil and power barons want to keep a monopoly on the worlds energy supply. They have killed many inventors in the past to keep this gas saving technology a secret from YOU.

Anyone who calls this a scam is either A: Working for OPEC or B: Ignorant. Dont knock it before you try it, its very cheap to make these Hydroxy Generator kits, so you might as well give it a shot before you say it doesnt work. It will not drain your battery or damage the engine, it will actually make your engine run CLEANER and smoother, reducing emissions.

Convert your car to use water as fuel before gas prices go back up! Hydrogen Generator hybrid kits are easy and fun to build. You can convert any vehicle into a hydrogen hybrid. Get the plans and instructions on how to build or make a good HHO fuel cell or find assembled and complete hydrogen conversion kits. Multiple DIY Guide and enhancers for hho gas injection like EFIE Oxygen sensor adjustor and map/maf sensor for vehicle computer.

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