HHO Generator on Diesel Truck - Hydrogen Conversio Fuel Cell Kit

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Uploaded on February 16, 2009 by HybridMan


Convert your car into a Hydrogen Hybrid before gas prices go back up! Hydrogen Generator water fuel kits are easy and fun to build. You can convert any vehicle into a hydrogen hybrid. Get the plans and instructions on how to build or make a good HHO fuel cell system or find assembled and complete hydrogen conversion kits. Multiple DIY Guide and enhancers for hho gas injection like EFIE Oxygen sensor adjustor and map/maf sensor for vehicle computer.

Get over 12 different HHO Generator Designs and Plans to build the best and most efficient Hydrogen Fuel Cell, including the HHO Dry Cell. Our site has the largest collection of Hydrogen Conversion manuals and ebooks, all in one pack!


Turn your vehicle into a water burning hybrid today and save big on fuel. You can convert any car or truck, gasoline or diesel, to burn water as a fuel source and save money on gas. This is the best way to increase a cars gas mileage and improve fuel economy. These are tested HHO designs that actually work!

Learn how to build or make your own HHO Generator with over 20 ebooks and manuals for Hydrogen Conversion. This is the biggest gas saving secret tip to get better MPG miles per gallon on any car, truck or SUV.


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