FC2 Extreme Sport Camera

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Uploaded on February 18, 2009 by firecam

Designed by firefighters, used by extreme sports enthusiasts! The FCII Professional Helmet Camera System is a fully integrated, waterproof and shock resistant helmet with no wires attached. It is the only camera of its kind to introduce specific features needed by the extreme action sports industry.

Besides the replaceable outer shell which protects that FCII, the other features listed below are stunning, such as the 0.01 LUX rating, immediately making it superior to any consumer helmet camera on the market today.

If you notice on a lot of the consumer helmet camera websites, you will not see any low light videos due to their poor LUX rating / low light features. We have posted several low light sample videos from the FCII cam on our video page. If you need added light, don't worry because the FCII has a patented 6 LED flashlight built around the lens giving you all the light you need in those low light situations.

We have also integrated an actual camera lens for the FCII which gives it a clear, crisp video all the time. Other features include no loss video recording which others don't. If your batteries or SDHC card expires, the FCII automatically saves that extreme video you worked hard to record!

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