Free Psn Cards, Microsoft Points, and Wii Points

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Uploaded on February 21, 2009 by fsas123

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your free gaming experience at Prizerebel as well as many other prizes.
1. Click the link above (Direct link to R1)and sign up. Remember to put in your REAL information. EX. address/name/email. This is how they will send the prize to you
2. Once you have signed up, log in, and starting filling out surveys. Each survey is worth an amount of points. Surveys take less than 5 mins! its really easy.
3. Once you have completed a survey you should receive "points". Remember that 1 point = 1 dollar.
4. Once you have enough points you could request a prize of your choice! Shipping is FREE from anything off amazon or their prize center! It also takes less than a week to receive the prize!
*prizes such as wii point, XBL, or Microsoft point codes will be emailed to you*

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