The Power of Allah IV

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Uploaded on February 24, 2009 by leboon1653

"Allah Knows All"...
We were the last case for the morning so I took a nap and that was HUGE my friend! Allah was in my nap and was very clear that Michaela needed to be with MOM and ONLY MOM! No joint custody because it would cause future problems with international travels with our JOINT Custody! And Mom would make this a huge nightmare for me! So, I informed the court that I cant deal with these lies so I made the deal of a lifetime to Mom that she drops her case for my offer. She accepted with a HUGE smile on her face! But the court was very confused because even slapping your Daughter is NOT a crime to lose your custody rights! The court made that very clear before I made my sweet offer
We were in court in October 2008

Love for ALL,

Norman LeBoon Sr.

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