Carbon Copy Pro (CarbonCopyPRO) Right Brain Wins

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*******www.JoinCarbonCopyPRO**** Carbon Copy PRO turned out to be the perfect balance between creativity an...
*******www.JoinCarbonCopyPRO**** Carbon Copy PRO turned out to be the perfect balance between creativity and business for me. I’m an artist, a serious one. MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Graduated with no marketable skills. (Surprise!) Have made a living for the past 25 years as an entrepreneur. Have had a multiple six-figure income. Not impressed by having to spend three-to-five years to develop six-figures in either a franchise or in network marketing. I’ve owned stores. Upscale ones. Art galleries and decorative accessory stores. Made good money at them Average sales were $1000. Ended up with a small chain of businesses, and worked seven days a week at them. The money was great while the economy was great. I went looking for something else. Most franchises I considered buying would put me in the “80-hour work week” trap, and plunge me into debt to finance them. (Been there, done that.) And, I’d be waiting years to see a profit on them. I went into MLM network marketing. Don’t like to sell small-profit items. Ran out of contacts trying to recruit and build a downline team. Finally got a $300 check. It didn’t seem worth all the effort. Again, didn’t want to wait years to see a good income from my efforts. STUMBLED upon Carbon Copy PRO while trying to figure out how to market my MLM online. Wasn’t convinced that it was what I was looking for, until I saw the products. CCPro markets educational products in two areas I am very interested in: Online marketing and personal financial freedom. The latter is provided by WMI, a membership organization whose products range from $750 to $20,000, and commissions are up to $10,000 per sale (with NO “downline”) Carbon Copy PRO may be a viable option for anyone considering opening a franchise or joining a network marketing or MLM business to replace their six-figure income. *******www.JoinCarbonCopyPRO**** #(CarbonCopyPRO) franchisee (CarbonCopyPRO) franchisor (CarbonCopyPRO) most profitable franchise (CarbonCopyPRO) most profitable business (CarbonCopyPRO) entrepreneur (CarbonCopyPRO) wealth (CarbonCopyPRO) (Jay Kubassek) (CarbonCopyPRO) start a franchise (CarbonCopyPRO) franchise system (CarbonCopyPRO) franchisee's dream (CarbonCopyPRO) make money online (CarbonCopyPRO) internet business