Xena:WP and Gabrielle:BB- Mr Sandman


Uploaded on March 07, 2009 by Luna_Battling_Bard

This is funny vid. about Gabby and Xena looking for their dream lover. I thought it would be a laugh to have Ares as Mr Sandman. As there is a bit of talking in the song I thought I would have them talk to but I didn't try to synchronise the lips with the lyrics (too hard for me hehe) hence why they don't match lol. The song is Mr Sandman by The Chordettes
* I do not own the rights to Xena those belong to Renaissance Pictures (lucky people)
* I do not own the rights to the song
* This video is made solely for entertainment purposes only, not for profit
* No Copyright Infringement Intended
Hope You Enjoy The Vid : )

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