Get The Bar - If You Use the Internet... You Should GET PAID!!!

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*******TwitPWR****/7zT Download TheBar for FREE!!! Need more information on EZ2x2? Visit the following lin...
*******TwitPWR****/7zT Download TheBar for FREE!!! Need more information on EZ2x2? Visit the following links: *******TwitPWR****/53Y *******TwitPWR****/7jz *******TwitPWR****/6OK *******TwitPWR****/75z Don't have an AlertPay account? Get one here: *******TwitPWR****/5Z6 Skype : gjv77gjv E-mail: george.j.vasiliadisgmail**** I came across this FREE Membership and it truly is what I hoped. I'm making serious money just from using the web! The neat thing about it, I don't do anything different than I normally do when surfing. If you use the Internet... You Should GET PAID!!! The Bar is your FREE tool to make money wherever you go on the web, whenever you choose. Non-competitive, non-time consuming and non-intrusive. Share the FREE Bar with your friends and you make money when they make money. *******TwitPWR****/7zT There are many exciting new features and modifications for members and visitors to experience. As you can see, your Get The Bar website is completely NEW. From the non-signed in home page to the features and benefits of The Bar page to the Help library. After months of member interaction and feedback, the result is your new Get The Bar**** site. One of the several more simplified processes includes the name change of Tell Friends to My Crowd. My Crowd is a single page interface that includes your personal invite link with share button, viral invite member numbers and earnings calculator. In addition, one click access to The Bar Update Library and Direct Member Registration Report. One page to review all. Another simplified process is the new experience of My Money. From your default Report page, simply click the Account box and Request Funds box to update your member account information and to submit a request to receive your earnings from Ads by ER interactions. Explore the complete site with new benefits and features including: * A single Share button to post your invite link on 46 of the web's top community and blog sites. * A complete video tutorial assistant with over 40 instructional videos in Help. * A totally simplified visitor experience to share with friends and family. * A complete TEST DRIVE SITE for visitors and members to explore every benefit of Get The Bar**** * A Direct Member Registration Report that lists the email address of every member that registered from your personal invite link by month and day. This replaces the member registration emails. * A Bar Update Library to review and accept all Bar updates. This replaces update emails. In order to experience all of the new features and benefits of The Bar, you must uninstall the existing Bar (version or older) and download/install the newest Bar (version 2.1). While signed in to Get The Bar****, click 'download' from the upper right menu on any page. Congratulations to all members of The Bar. Share this new experience with friends and family while benefiting from a whole new world of advertising. Share the Value. Share The Bar.