Phone Raiser - Fundraising Ideas - Keys To Success

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Uploaded on March 09, 2009 by Phone Raiser
Keys to a success

Phone Raiser allows you to raise funds while you presurve your communities’ environment. And there are three hassle free steps to ensure your campaigns’ success. Step one is registration. This gives you access to all the free Phone Raiser resources including the price list. Phone Raiser accepts all types of used cell phones. Step two is to start collecting. Promote your campaign using Phone Raiser’s materials and if you can promote your campaign with your Church, school or local businesses. Step three, is send in your phones, and remember the Phone Raiser provides pre-paid FedEx labels, so there is no cost to you. You get a check within 10 business days of receiving your shipment. You can do as many Phone Raiser campaigns as you like, as often as you like. This really is a new fantastic opportunity to raise funds. And it is so easy to get started right now.

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