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Manohara is a kinnari living in Mount Kailash. She is the youngest of seven daughters of the kinara king. One day, she traveled to the human realm, and got caught by a hunter, who later gave her to the king of Panchala. The prince Sudhana fell in love with her, and married her.

Later, when the prince was away in a battle for months, Manohara was flamed that she would bring bad luck to the city. She flew away, back to the kinnara kingdom. However, she left a ring and a direction to the kinnara kingdom to a rishi, so that prince Sudhana could follow her.

Prince Sudhana came back from the battle and followed her. It was a long and adventurous journey. He had to pass a lot of tests of strength, perseverance, and wit until he finally found Manohara, and lived happily ever after.

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