Erin Daniels is Nude with Michael Vartan [18+]

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Uploaded on March 15, 2009 by comy328

The name of this movie is : One Hour Photo (2002)....One of comedian Robin Williams’s unexpected but enduring talents is his ability (and willingness) to portray a creepy, sexually maladjusted, homicidal loner. In One Hour Photo (2002), Williams is alternately heart-wrenching and stomach-turning as Sy Parrish, a former fat kid who never had any friends. Sy has slithered into middle age with only the most rudimentary of social skills. in this scence,Short, sweet glimpses at Erin's fuzzbox as she's threatened by a knife-wielding Robin Williams and Daniels' derriere and donuts are given a bit more attention as Robin Williams forces her to go down on her man.

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