HOT Chicks We Love for Sexy Beauty [18+]


Uploaded on October 11, 2006 by Ladies Genie

This is my 3rd Movie which highlights OUR MetaCafe Beautiful Ladies in Beach, Water and Out~Door Demonstration of their Sexy Beauty. Edited in sync to Beach Boys, California Girls. Sexy yet Classy Reminder that ONLY in the USA can we expect to find such HOT CHICKS! Enjoy!

Now that I am finally figuring out how to improve the QUALITY of my muvees I'd like to dedicate his one to all the MetaCafe guys out there who had to sit thru my first 2 Muvee creation attempts... Better Galleries, Songs and Quality is on the way.

Please feel free to post a reply and suggest the songs you would like to hear as you view the NEXT Genie Muvees displaying OUR FINEST BABES...


Ladies Genie

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