Before Our Kids Were Taken

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Uploaded on March 17, 2009 by Gonarthouse

I moved to Spain in October 2008 with my husband and our children. My husband's daughters (who have always hated I and my children) and their mother( my husband's ex) called the FBI, the American Embassy, and the US Consul and through many lies accused us of child abuse and neglect and took our kids away without an investigation. The Spanish social worker by the name of Juana appears to be bought as she has not done anything to solve this matter. We were a month without seeing our sons and have been seeing them once a week since January 21st. For nearly two months they have been sick with a virus, the youngest has gotten an ear infection, for most of the visits they have been dressed like homeless children and on many occasions they have had bruises. Our complaints have fallen on deaf ears.
This is not a joke. This is really happening to us. We live in Mallorca, Spain. The Consell of Mallorca lent itself to this grave injustice. My husband's daughters have already accused us of child abuse in 2006 in RI, USA and an investigation found it to be false.
Please pray for my children Wenceslao Adonis Gonzalez and Galileo Basilios Gonzalez.Thank you.

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