My Key Take Away PhotoReading The BFM Manuscript

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Published 25 Mar 2009
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(Part 3 of 3) In this series of videos I'm sharing ideas on an ebook you can download here for free:
(Part 3 of 3) In this series of videos I'm sharing ideas on an ebook you can download here for free:

More about me:

About this video:

I'm doing a series of videos where I show how I use PhotoReading and other methods of Accelerated Learning.

In this edition of "Practical PhotoReading" I will take the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript, a classic Viral Marketing eBook by Mike Filsaime.

This is the third video in the series (eventhough actually shot as number #2).

Here I cover my key take away from PhotoReading Mike's ebook.

My approach with pretty much any informational book is to find something I can apply. Otherwise what I read is easily forgotten. The best way to "own" the information is to put it to use.

So my approach was this:

1) I spent 20-30 minutes PhotoReading the ebook first, looking to get a general understanding and finding something I can use right away.

And with PhotoReading this was an easy job ... found what I needed, put it to action (this took an hour or so) ... and then hit the slopes again ;-)

2) Then I "iterated" further: PhotoRead a bit more, implemented some more.

3) Finally, I went in depth with the book, so I can really master the process later on.

Key questions:
- What could you apply the BFM Manuscript for? What is your reason to read it?

- What is a single idea you an implement? What is the best idea to use in your situation? (Pick one and use it ... then read more)

Oh, one quick note: As you see, this is shot on my snowboarding holiday ... so don't expect professional sound quality or rehearsed lines. :-)

If you have any questions, you can shoot me in twitter or by commenting below the video.

Sakari Turunen

PS. Watch out for future videos.

Sakari Turunen is a Certified PhotoReading Instructor and Internet Marketer based in Helsinki, Finland.

He has a passion to explore and share tips of "learning stuff really fast".

More about me:
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