DYNO-COMP Built-Mercedes C55 AMG

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Uploaded on March 26, 2009 by mckinnonmedia

What happens when your take a normally aspirated C55 AMG, and breed it with an SL55 AMG Kompressor system? A "Force-Fed C55 AMG Kompressor"-This is the only “Kompressor” retrofit ever performed on a C55 AMG!

Our client, Mike Hooley, first came in May of 2008 for a baseline on his 2005 C55 AMG. At that time the car dyno tested at 291 wheel HP, which equates to about the factory flywheel power rating of 369 HP, with some K&N filters in it.

Dyno-Comp moved forward with many RENNtech modifications to bump the horsepower from 291 Wheel HP to 350 wheel HP (normally aspirated) which equated to about 445 HP and the flywheel. This was about a 75 HP bump over stock-pretty good for the normally aspirated Mercedes.

These modifications included:

* RENNtech Stage-3 software
* RENNtech equal length headers
* RENNtech carbon fiber airbox
* Random Technologies High Flow cats
* Complete TRUE dual custom exhaust system

In January 2009, our client came back and said “we need to take it to the limit”. Twin Turbo’s or AMG Kompressor retro-fit? We agreed to stick with the AMG heritage and go with a complete “C55 AMG Kompressor retro-fit". This was NOT an easy thing to be done. So with the patience of our client, lots of “lute” and 1-1/2 months later, this is what you get!

* 449 wheel HP which equates to 570+ flywheel HP
* 520 wheel TQ which equates to a blistering 660+ flywheel TQ

All the combined normally aspirated mods plus C55 AMG Kompressor retro-fit yielded:

* 160+ wheel HP @ 6000 RPM
* 220+ wheel TQ @ 3250 RPM

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