How to Set Up PuTTY (CLI) for a Virtual Private Server (VPS)


Uploaded on March 28, 2009 by guvnrDOTcom

For instance...After installing your new Linux OS on your new unmanaged VPS - say with Linode, Slicehost or others, how do you access it? If you're using Windows locally, and want to connect remotely, here's how.

This is Part 2 of a wider series, "How to Set Up an Unmanaged Virtual Private Server (VPS)."

Ideal for blog and site owners that have outgrown shared hosting but can't, or don't want, to afford a managed VPS, this series of blog posts and videos takes a blank VPS, building it into a supercharged server, capable of hosting multi-sites, email and more.

Why do it? 'Cos it's easy to do and, for a typical hosting fee of about $20 a month, you can have a solution powerful enough for most sites, and even start your very own hosting company or co-op!

For the complete series ...

1. VPS Intro & Linux OS Setup, 2. Set Up PuTTY (Command Line Interface) 3. Secure PuTTY with OpenSSH (data encryption & easier login), 4. Security & Firewall, 5. Nginx (better than Apache) Web Server, 6. Add a Control Panel, 7. Tweaks for Wordpress Caching, 8. Filezilla with SSH not FTP, 9. Adding & Testing (Multiple) Blogs & Sites, 10. Google Apps for Domain-Specific Email, 11. Moving Day! How to Move Your Blog or Site

... check out

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