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Costa Rica SODA Video ... Whats That?

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Did you hear that you can't travel in Costa Rica 'cause the food has gotten expensive? Check out this video...
Did you hear that you can't travel in Costa Rica 'cause the food has gotten expensive? Check out this video and find out some options when traveling on a budget in Costa Rica. Have you been doing some reading up on Costa Rica and heard a lot about sodas? Not sure what they are? I assure you that Costa Ricans don’t have some obsession with syrupy, caffeinated drinks. Quite the opposite in fact. In Costa Rica, sodas are small family-run roadside restaurants that have limited menu options and have affordable prices. Costa Rica sodas commonly serve native Costa Rican cuisine, and are the best way in Costa Rica to dine like the locals. They are usually extremely cheap. Sodas will definitely help you stretch your budget and give you the most bangs for your buck when it comes to eating out. The price of a full meal normally ranges from $3 to $6. Many other cheap restaurants are also available. Typical Costa Rica food is not only delicious, but easy to make. The main ingredients are usually grains (rice, and beans) and some vegetables that are traditionally from the area such as Camote, Chayote, yucca and guineo. One of the most famous foods from Costa Rica is “El Casado” (which means …married). It got its name because it is what Costa Rican wives packed for their husband’s lunch when they were the only ones that worked in the family in the early years. “Casado” is a combo of rice and beans supplemented with cabbage-and-tomato salad, fried plantains, and your choice of: chicken, fish or beef, sometimes it may even include a fried egg or fried yucca on the side. Although Costa Rica has large coasts, sea food is very expensive, mostly because all of the sea food is exported to other countries. In Costa Rica, keep in mind that eating out on expensive restaurants may not be so interesting and provocative as eating in regular “sodas”. Simply walk out to the main strip of any town and look at the signs. You are bound to see at least half a dozen signs that read, “Soda…” If you aren’t feeling adventurous, ask your hotel or other travelers what sodas they recommend. Locals like your hotel staff can tell you the best and cheapest places to eat in town. Visit enough of them and you will notice they almost all have the same menu. The typical soda menu consists of a variety of casados, juices, and sodas. For more helpful travel information on Costa Rica make sure you check out our website and our blog. Our Travel Tip Website- michael alan's blog - Our pictures from around Costa Rica - Our Gay Travel Tip Webpage - michael alan's gay blog - m/ Lots more travel tips on video by us -