Hair Color Correction - Hair Coloring Techniques

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For a MORE FREE Hair Coloring Techniques and Hair Color Correction, SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter and get acc...
For a MORE FREE Hair Coloring Techniques and Hair Color Correction, SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter and get access to the whole FREE series HERE: *******www.scissorboy**** . . Hair Coloring is a something that a lot of people attempt themselves, and quite often the results are not as expected. Then they freak out and demand a Hair Color Correction immediately from their stylists. Worse yet, some try and correct the hair color themselves and make it even worse. Here are some hair color correction techniques for fixing a home coloring disaster. But first and foremost, when this happens, leave the Hair Color Correction to the pros and your stylist! If you have made one of the most common mistakes made by people who color their hair at home is to make the problem worse by applying the wrong color to correct the hair color and their first mistake. For example: Have you ever colored your hair and ended up with a color that is too red or brassy? The hair color correction problem that many do is that people try to pull the red color out by lightening their hair. This only causes more problems and more brassiness. Other people try to darken their hair again only to have it turn too dark. Both of these approaches are wrong and you will understand why with a quick course in color correction. Source: *******searchwarp****/swa30383.htm If you have taken the plunge and gone with a permanent color or a strong semipermanent, but it's just not what you pictured. If you had it done at a salon, any good professional will be happy to adjust it if you're not completely satisfied. (Of course, you might want to think twice about returning to a person who botched the job in the first place.) If you just can't live with it at all, a colorist can use a color remover to lighten your hair, but you run the risk of further damage and a brassy look and you'll probably have to dye it yet again. (There are color removers available in drugstores, but this process is best left to the pros.) If you've used a gentle semipermanent color, most of it will eventually wash out -- just keep shampooing. In any event, time and a haircut may be your best bets. Source: *******www.haircolor-tips****/hair-co... This episode is over 10 mins long and as a result, we cannot load the whole thing to this Channel. Want to see the whole episode and all the other great Hair Coloring Techniques and Hair Color Correction and removal techniques in this series? Then Subscribe to the Cutting Edge Hairshow here HERE: *******www.scissorboy****