Free Indian Earrings and Necklaces Patterns

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Uploaded on April 15, 2009 by krivijewelry Necklaces of the traditional temple Indian jewellery design are widely used by many. There is a jewellery item which is known as Panchangal, It is a jewellery item with five gold rings connected in order for all five fingers in hand. In India waistband is known as Kamarband, which is made by silver or gold and also precious stones are also involved in it. Indian jewellery contains earrings and they are traditionally known as Jhukams, which are bulky and long and have detailed designing. Anklet is available in it of two types. One is movable and the other one is immovable. Flexible anklets are made by joining metal rings. Normally silver metal is used. The immovable anklets are like bangles having gap to fit into leg. Indian jewellery is famed for its design and it is much more durable. These traditional look is popular in the worldwide.

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