Amazing World of Warcraft Leveling Guide 1-80

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Uploaded on April 16, 2009 by ronin2230

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Wow leveling Guide + Gold Guide + Speed leveling + PvP

Gold Guide
10,000 gold in just 7 days !

Speed leveling Guide
(Mage to Level 70) 10 Days 4 Hours
(Priest to Level 70) 9 Days 17 Hours
(Rogue To Level 70) 7 Days 15 Hours
(Hunter to Level 70) 6 Days 21 Hours
(Warrior to Level 70) 5 Days 8 Hours

Get your Flying Epic Mount In Just 2 Days!

The Leveling Guide comes in separate sections for Horde and Alliance, and each faction has a 1-60, 60-70, and a 70-80 leveling section, so its all covered, you will be able to turn into a high level 80 player very quickly so long as you follow the guide. There is no grinding involved, just 100 pure and efficient step by step questing instructions.

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