(RSMV) Don't Stop - InnerPartySystem

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Published 17 Apr 2009
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Well, I kind of went for the story line in this one, but I ended up losing it in certain parts.

So, at first I went for the storyline of:

A celebrity, with fame and wealth, who only cares about himself and feels as though he is better than everyone else.

...But then, towards the middle of the video, I went with whatever suited the lyrics.

...then, after that. I came to the point where I would change it a bit, so instead of having the "famous celebrity", with all his fame and fortune, it actually turned out to be a dream of what would happen if he really was a celebrity.
**This begins around 3:35, where you begin to see the RSMV as a flashback, and the guy ends up waking up.

I had a lot of fun with this video, especially with the originality. Since there are only (2?) RSMVs with this song, it gave me a chance to actually come up with my own ideas (instead of copying from the other two)...Not that I WANTED TO. It's just that RSMV's with well known songs- the ideas are basically the same thing. (Don't go all out on me, that's just my opinion.)

~..::Did you know::..~
- This RSMV was done in a week or so? That's a record for me! My shortest RSMV took me at least a month or so xD.

- About half of the lines in this video, where I say them, are done all in ONE clip. In total, there are: 9 clips/lines. But you probably don't even care, lol :).

- The credit scene, with De cressendo, gwab1, warrior, xspell, spartan, kasha, etc., took 2 hours to do, and we didn't even finish it LOL.

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Artist: InnerPartySystem
Title: Don't Stop

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