Is Mystery Spot a Visual Illusion?

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Uploaded on April 17, 2009 by Badoop Show

Mystery spot may either be the next black pearl of alien footage or nothing more than simply... natural opticalillusions. Did I spell that right? Huh... I must still be under the influence... from the affects of the mystery spot. We channeled the greatest TV and film detectives of all time. The combination? Well, it's a little Peter Sellers Pink Panther meets Sherlock Homes and SamSpade. We aren't trying to pass as an Inspector Gadget movie, or even try to rip off Return of the Ghostbusters. On this fun quirky episode, we're determined to unveil the TRUTH! Will it boil down to an alien sighting or perhaps cool optical illusions? Watch and see!

Disclaimer: Any misspelled words or improper grammar are a result of residual effects from the Mystery Spot.... Any mispelled words or wrong grammar

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