Japan to India: Biomass Generation, Yoga and Buddhism


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Japan to India: Biomass Generation, Yoga and Buddhism

“… to prevent global warming, generate power from food waste and plastic waste without incineration, and to secure emergency energy supply.”

Recently, Yuji Asai from Japan was here in India to devise first of its kind machine that generates electricity by utilizing home waste.

To prevent the global warming, extraordinary weather and sea-level rise, we need to improve our global environment immediately by creating a recycling society.

Japan Eco Power Corporation has been carried out a research on the biomass fuel cell power generation using raw garbage and it succeeded first time in the world to generate power in 1999 recently they also succeeded in the fuel cell power generation using Plastic waste.

“Beside recovery of substantial energy, these technologies can lead to a substantial reduction in the over all waste quantities while meeting the pollution control standards” he added.

With him was Dr.Uchida, socialist; During his trip to India he also paid a visit to Dalai Lama. He said, “I am impressed by the buddhist teaching. I strongly believe that cultivating this core essence of the Asian civilization will lead to world peace. These believe is a small light in my heart; however, as I put this belief into practice in the far-east land of Japan, I hope to grow it into a bright torch.”

Along with them was the Yoga instructor Noriko Masaya from Japan. A known Yoga and Ayurvedic instructor, she learnt the art of Aryurveda from India and opened many centers in Japan. She said, “I am impressed with Indian history and the people here. Being in India feels like being at home.


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