Iolcos Glory Coast Guard Rescue in Rough Seas


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Look at the wheel come out of the water!

Iolcos Glory Hoist (FOR RELEASE)
Seattle (Nov.15, 2006) -- The Coast Guard air-lifted a 45-year-old man from a vessel 30-miles west of Cape Flattery. Rescue Coordination Centre Victoria contacted Coast Guard District 13 operations requesting assistance for an injured man aboard the 700-foot bulk container ship Iolcos Glory homeported in Panama. An HH-65 Dolphin helecopter crew from Air Station Port Angeles was launched to airlift the injured crewman. Weather conditions on scene consisted of sustained winds of up to 53 knots and swells of 20-25 feet.

Owner: U.S. Coast Guard
Videographer: U.S. Coast Guard
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Length: 1:54
Date Taken: 11-15-2006

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