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DO YOU KNOW, WHAT IS INTERIOR CARPET CLEANING ? CUSHION UPHOLSTERY? FABRIC UPHOLSTERY? It is said that the original concept of using steam to clean was first discovered in Europe about 20 years ago when a bar owner used the steam from his cappuccino machine to clean lipstick from a wine glass. As anyone in the Pub Industry will tell you lipstick on a wine glass is very difficult to clean. So when the steam literally vanished the stain in a few seconds the bar owner was amazed. The same bar owner then built the world's first steam cleaner using a water tank, electric water heater and a pressure valve to force out the steam. A steam carpet cleaner heats up the water inside and works it into the carpet or upholstery to dislodge dirt and other materials. Then, the machine sucks the dirty water back up into the machine, and you dispose of it afterwards. Vacuum Vs Basic Vs Steam Cleaners: The main difference between vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners is that a vacuum only picks up surface dirt. Steam cleaners get right into the fibers, loosening foreign material and vacuuming the soiled water back into the cleaner to be discarded after use. Your vacuum cleaner will actually perform better after steam cleaning, as the fibers of the carpet will be loosened. Steam cleaners can be used on carpets, floors, vehicles, furniture and many other places that require deep cleaning. They are perfect for cleaning damp areas in your home, like the basement, where mold is likely to thrive. On the other hand, basic steam cleaners use quite a lot of hot - not boiling, water, making it necessary to wait several hours after use for the cleaned surface to dry out. While this method is effective in getting rid of stains, ground in dirt, and mold or parasites, it can prove inconvenient because of the lengthy drying time. Many basic steam cleaners also use chemical-based cleaners in addition to the heated water. Vapor steam cleaners on the other hand superheat the water, creating a true steam cleaning machine. The water is brought to temperatures in excess of 260 Celsius (500 Fahrenheit) before being used. With this method, there is no need for chemical cleaners, and surfaces typically dry within 15 minutes. Allergy sufferers will find that vapor steam cleaners are a dream come true in doing away with dust mites, mold, fungus, and viruses that can grow and thrive in carpets and upholstered furniture. While steam cleaners shouldn't be used on any surface that isn't heat-resistant, most commercial carpeting and fabric is safe for steam cleaning. The amount of moisture in the steam, and the heat of the steam, can vary depending on the machine. In general, higher-end, more expensive carpet steam cleaners are able to convert a smaller amount of water into a hotter, more concentrated amount of steam. These machines leave much less wet residue on the carpet than economy cleaners. Steam cleaners were invented over twenty years ago in Italy. Since then, this steam cleaning equipment has become increasingly more popular throughout the world. Steam cleaners represent a unique cleaning equipment technology that cannot be matched by any other type of cleaning machines. The best steam cleaners are those which are actually referred to as vapor steam cleaners, which emit a much higher and hotter vapor than traditional steam cleaners. Essentially, vapor steam cleaners emit dry steam with only about 5% water in the vapor while low-priced steam cleaners lack the power and heat to generate similar dry steam. The steam from these steam cleaners tend to be on the wetter side. Cheap steam cleaner systems are typically under-powered with pressure levels as low as 15 psi and much lower temperatures that the more rugged and commercial steam cleaners. The low end steam cleaners typically are sold in hand-held or relatively small versions versus higher-quality steam cleaners. Inexpensive steam cleaners clearly lack the features and performance necessary for most steam cleaning tasks within home, business, and commercial environments. Vapor steam cleaners are rated by a variety of steam cleaner attributes, namely pressure, temperature, boiler size, water refill chamber size (if the steam cleaner allows for continuous-refill), among other features. The best steam cleaners offer pressure per square inch (psi) of 65 and more, and temperatures over 295°, which is well beyond sanitizing and disinfecting levels. The benefit of vapor steam cleaners is they offer outstanding cleaning power for applications low-moisture cleaning applications. The heart of a steam cleaner is the boiler, which is available in either aluminum or stainless steel, which is the best metal for the ultimate in durability and longevity. Always make sure to research the boiler construction because saving money purchasing an aluminum-based boiler with a shorter life span will most probably results in greater costs later. The best commercial steam cleaners and industrial steam cleaners come with at least stainless steel boilers. Sacrificing boiler quality can result in steam cleaner downtime and boiler replacement at costs up to and over $700.00. The best steam cleaners are bundled with replaceable steam hoses rather than steam cleaner hoses that are permanently attached to the vapor steam cleaner. The major problem with attached hoses is an unexpected hose malfunction requires the user to ship the entire steam cleaner back for service, which can be distressing, especially if the steam cleaner is used frequently as is the case for most commercial and industrial steam cleaning applications. You can merely replace the steam hose if you buy steam cleaners with replaceable hoses. We suggest only replaceable hoses. Continuous-refill steam cleaners, which lack pressure caps, are outstanding for applications requiring cleaning a large surface area whether for home and commercial cleaning applications. Those involved in facilities maintenance, commercial cleaning, hospitality, foodservice, health care and other markets can benefit from continuous-refill steam cleaners. Workers often need to clean for hours and steam cleaners that allow them to clean without stopping are ideal to maximize their productivity. Steam cleaners with pressure caps take up to 20 minutes to depressurize, add water, and reheat. The construction of the steam cleaner case or housing is another very important attribute to consider when searching for the best steam cleaners. High quality steam cleaners use either a heavy-duty plastic casing, one made of stainless steel, or else a combination of both. An easy rule to remember is if the steam cleaner vendor mentions the case or housing is metal and the color is anything but stainless steel, then the material is absolutely painted sheet metal. The problem with painted metal cases is they will rust over time due to heat generated from the steam cleaner. Do not confuse steam cleaners with carpet steam cleaners as they are targeted towards distinctly difference applications. Although they can be used to spot clean carpet, upholstery, drapes, etc, vapor steam cleaners are designed primarily for hard surfaces they are absolutely not geared towards full carpet cleaning applications. Carpet steam cleaners are actually a type of carpet cleaner, which is dedicated to carpet cleaning tasks. The bottom line is if your application calls for carpet cleaning, then buy a carpet steam cleaner if you desire heat, but absolutely do not buy a vapor steam cleaner. We are a one-stop supplier of professional STEAM cleaning products. Everyday, our quality products are used in airports, hotels, shopping malls, factories... all over South East Asia. Interior machine model : Comby 3000 - professional interior cleaning machine produce stunning outstanding cleaning result. our OPTIMA STEAMER, Cleans & Sanitise Steam cleaning is the ultimate way of thoroughly cleaning without messing up the entire area. It cleans and sanitises deep into the micro pores of any surface, killing bacteria and thus removing foul odour. 1. Powerful Steam: 187 degree Celcius steam to kill bacteria and remove stains 2. Excellent Accessories: Heavy duty and designed for many functions Quick and Effective The OPTIMA STEAMER is a powerful yet steam cleaner. An ideal machine that requires only a rapid 3.5 minutes to start. With just a squeeze of the trigger, a consistent and powerful jet of 187 degree Celcius superheated steam is available for cleaning. There is no downtime to cleaning as it features automatic boiler refilling. Steam cleaning is very effective for cleaning and sanitising irregular surfaces or hard to reach areas. Recommended Industries Professional Cleaning Contractors Home Cleaning Conservancy Healthcare Hotels F&B Education Leisure We provide more than just excellent products. You get expert advice from our friendly team of specialists who will gladly answer any cleaning questions you might have. So, how can we help you clean today? FOR MORE DETAILS , PLEASE VISIT : www.mrsteam****.my EMAIL: quah1yahoo**** Contact person: Mr Brandon Mobile no: +60126927128 (malaysia)