Nell McAndrew on Confidence – and Bad Breath!

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Would you be ready to be whisked off your feet by a tall, dark, handsome stranger?
Would you be ready to salsa into the sunset with your partner?
For many women the answer would be no. A new survey has shown that two thirds of women in the UK (21 million) are plagued with a lengthy list of body concerns including smelly breath, body odour, bad skin, bad hair days and their very own granny pants!
The research by Macleans Confidence revealed that the leading confidence-crusher for British women is smelly breath and bad teeth, with a huge eight out of ten (78%) of women declaring bad breath and teeth as their number one turn-off when getting ready for a romantic moment.
This video features model Nell McAndrew and psychologist Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic giving advice to those women who could do with a confidence boost.

*This Saturday Nell McAndrew is challenging people to get up close and personal on the dance floor and prove they have what it takes to be confident and ready for romance at anytime. Nell and leading dance instructor Damien Evans will be waltzing their way through Brent Cross Shopping Centre between 12 noon and 2pm on Saturday 25th April 2009, in the ultimate, free-for-all confidence boosting dance session. For more information on the event and the Macleans Confidence range visit

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