Noesis Interactive Trailer - Character Design & Integration with HL2 and Maya

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Uploaded on April 08, 2009 by Noesis Interactive

Maya Character Design & Integration with Half-Life®2, part two of the Noesis Interactive™, MOD Your World™ training series, teaches how to "Share Your Character" by focusing on creating and implementing your own characters within Half-Life®2 Deathmatch™.

Using custom templates, you'll begin by quickly transforming ordinary facial photos to deathmatch in no time. Then, learn the award winning Autodesk® MAYA® character toolset. Focus on rigging, weighting, UV mapping and preparing your models to be exported to various game engines. Next test, perfect, and export your 3D characters from MAYA into Half-Life®2 Deathmatch™.

DVD topics covered include:

* Step by step guide to create "face maps" from photographs

* Detailed explanation of the Source® SDK contents

* Add life to characters using MAYA's award winning toolset

* UV Mapping

* Compiling 3D characters and textures using Valve's® Source® SDK

* Step by step guide to replacing Half Life2 Deathmatch characters

* Detailed trouble shooting guide

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