Noesis Interactive Trailer - Source Machinima Cinematography

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Uploaded on April 10, 2009 by Noesis Interactive

Source Machinima Cinematography, part of the Noesis Interactive™ MOD Your World™ training series, guides you from script to screen through the evolving world of machinimaking.

Learn to Capture Your Scene while covering integral topics such as pre-production, voice recording, audio editing, virtual camera work, video production and the addition of post-production effects.
Master the Valve® Demo Smoother and Source Recorder and learn to use Hammers internal camera tools to render impressive cinematic shots that would be nearly impossible in the physical world. Youll soon discover why machinima has peaked the interests of both gamers and filmmakers around the globe.

Includes wry bonus humor straight from the mind of 'Freeman's Mind' auteur Ross Scott!

DVD topics covered include:

* Tips for organizing ideas and scripting

* Detailed overview of voice recording process and specs

* Practical sound editing examples

* In depth explaination of Source Recorder

* In depth explaination of Demo Smoother

* Breakdown of in-game and demo camera tools

* Variable frame rates

* Motion blur and VisualFX

* Basic video editing in Adobe Premiere & Windows Movie Maker

* Video output and web publishing

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