Blackwater: The Crusade

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Uploaded on January 02, 2008 by whitenoise1

Republicans (or/and the PNAC cabale that took over the GOP) leaves office armed and dangerous.

Will corporate owned armies dictate & stage mankind's future under the watchful guise of Mindfuck Inc. & obscurantist zealots ?

As long as people believe that our so-called leaders are well-intentioned, they can, and do, get away with murder. Literally.

"A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and pious. On the other hand, they do less easily move against him, believing that he has the gods on his side" - Aristotle

Our whole culture is organized around wealthy people who keep poor people poor, uneducated, and powerless.

Is it much easier to abuse a clueless, ignorant rabble than a well informed educated one... ?

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