Episode 8 The Family Meeting - Four Eyed Monsters

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Watch Episode 9 here: *******foureyedmonsters****/9 Are emotions fact? I feel there for it is? Well in s...
Watch Episode 9 here: *******foureyedmonsters****/9 Are emotions fact? I feel there for it is? Well in some ways yes. It is a fact you feel the way you do. But also other people may feel differently or may not have intended for you to feel that way. So leaning on emotions as your navigational guide could be inaccurate. You could feel a certain way that is really all in your head and not real. So maybe people should just keep their feelings to themselves until they pass because they aren't based on reality anyway. But then how are they supposed to cope with the fact they feel so terrible and proactively prevent the triggers from occurring more. A confrontation must occur. At this point it does become real. Something must be said. And now that has been said. And now we really are fighting and now some paranoid mental kink has become 100 percent real. And thus the manifestation of inner demons into the outer real world. As shitty as it is, all the positive things that occur also take a similar path from metaphysical into reality, so it's all just the yin and yang of existence. Music by: Apes and Androids *******www.myspace****/apesandandroids Magdyn Osh *******www.myspace****/magdynosh Assistant Editor for this Episode: Zachery Milan Artists that drew illustrations for this episode: Susan Buice , Jesse Proia , and Joseph Hung . Models that posed for the illustrations: Dorian Nuskind-Oder , Joe Griffin , Joel Kennedy , Joseph Hung , Matthew Green , Andrew Peterson , and special thanks for help with the photography for the illustrations to Matthew Green , Andrew Peterson , Alexandra Bialkin , Megan White , Jay White , Matthew Emmit and Crissie Twombly. Appearances in this episode by: Susan Buice , Arin Crumley , Marc Scrivo , Dorian Nuskind-Odor , Cassie O'Sullivan , Joe Griffin , Brad Calcaterra , Monica West , Michael Cuomo , Andrew A Peterson , Joseph Hung , Margret Echeverria and Joel Kennedy standing in for "Susan's crush" out at Park City.