Busty Brunette Photoshoot in a Black Corset! (Eva in HD) [18+]

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Uploaded on April 28, 2009 by SoCalGlamourGirls

Meet Eva M, a sexy 18 year old tattoo model from SoCal. Follow her Tweets: www.Twitter.com/SCGlamourGirls She is a hot webcam chick that loves to show off her cool tats to fans in her sexy social network. This is her first photoshoot in a tight black corset and you can tell she has the beauty it takes to be a glamour model someday. Read about her hobbies and interests and check out her latest bikini model photoshoots at: http://socalglamourgirls.com/?q=node/69. Are you frustrated with online dating? Try cyber-dating a funny young college girl like Eva from SoCal GlamourGirls! She also does hilarious satirical bikini newscasts. Hang out with SoCal’s hottest models online. Follow her blog: www.MyCyberAffair.com

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