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Guinness World Records 2009 Launches Worldwide New World's Smallest Man Revealed, Oldest Living Person, Smallest Waist and More September 2008 (Medialink) - The 2009 edition of the Guinness World Records book hit shelves on September 17. The new book features some of the most awe-inspiring and unbelievable feats of human achievement and records amazing facts about the world at large - including The Most Rattlesnakes Held in Mouth, The World's Most Powerful Actor and Actress, The World's Oldest Bridesmaid and The World's Tallest Dog. Now in its 54th year and with new 3D spreads, this edition features one of the highest profile new entries: the World's Smallest Man, He Pingping (2ft 5.37in) from Inner Mongolia; who is shown in a life-size pull-out in the new book. Despite being 19 years old, He Pingping is the same height as an average one and half year old child. He will embark on a worldwide promotional campaign that will bring him to London and New York. This year's edition also features some of the most unusual and amazing records to date including: # Oldest Living Person (114 years and 115 days), Edna Parker, US # Most Searched Person on the Internet, Britney Spears, US # Most Dangerous Cheese, Casu Marzu # Longest Legs (Female), Svetlana Pankratova, Russia # Longest Tongue, Stephen Taylor, UK # World's Most Powerful Actress, Angelina Jolie # World's Most Powerful Actor, Brad Pitt
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