Circassian Dancing Adiga

By: Tamby

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Uploaded on October 23, 2006 by Tamby

This is a dance from AL-JEEL AL-JADEED CLUB/JORDAN ... I ADDED THIS SO ALL PEOPLE all over the world would know about us the ADIGA people... we are known as Circassians and Caucasians also... we are a nation that we used to lice in Caucas next to russia (albroz mountains nalchick and others) we had a war this the russians for more than 1000 year ... so some of us left and some of us stayed there ... so now you can find circassians in russia ( after the war the got our land) and you also can find us in TURKI JORDAN SYRIA SAPAIN AMERCA and all over the world ... but there are few of us ..maybe thats y you didnt hear about us... so i added this video to show you some of our movements and memories thanks

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