The Way of Saving Money is

By: MiwMiw

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Uploaded on May 01, 2009 by MiwMiw

For every vehicle that enters Downtown Shizago, a fee of $10 will be collected by the gantry IRP (Intelligent Road Pricing). See how the three friends trying their best to beat the system. Guddi (Dog), Joon (Buffola) and MiwMiw(donkey) each use their own methods. While both Guddi and Joon tried to evade the collection unsuccessfully, witty MiwMiw succeeded in doing so by using a wheelchair as disguise, for her “vehicle” does not fit exactly into any standard collectible category. Although hurt for being $10 poorer, Guddi and Joon still join MiwMiw for a workout thereafter. Afterall, what's more important than having a good health?

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