How To Install An Amp Meter DC Ammeter For Hydrogen Generator

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There are two basic kinds of DC amp meters (ammeters) commonly used on HHO hydrogen generator systems and knowing how to hook one up is most important if you do not want to short circuit the device or burn it up. The first type is an external shunt type amp meters that requires a shunt to be connected to the device in parallel to the circuit for which it is measuring the amps. If you connect this type amp meter in series like the non-externally shunted amp meter, it will self destruct instantly. The non-externally shunted DC amp meter is the simplest to hook up. Just cut the wire that you want to measure the DC amps on and connect it in series— one wire to one of the poles and the other wire to the other pole. On amp meter that require a shunt, you can usually tell this by looking at the face plate. There’s an icon diagram depicting the shunt in a circuit.

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