Streaming Online Audio and Online Radio (Part Two)

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Uploaded on May 08, 2009 by ggallucci

We’re talking about social media and how social media and how social media can help you with your online marketing initiatives. This video is part to a two-part series focused on streaming online radio and streaming online audio.

So there are three things we talk about more talking about purchasing audio ads or advertising on a streaming audio website. One is to contact the websites owner and see what kind of advertising solutions they have set up through banner ads, text ads, and sponsorships.

Now typically, you’ll find a hyperlink on the website that direct you to a page where they talk about advertising on website. So let’s go over here to WebmasterRadio.FM, for instance, and we would hope, I hope that Brandi doesn’t get on my case here... Here we go, “Radio Advertising Info”. Great job! They’ve got a great call to action here on the home page...

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