A Special Phone Number to Call Personal Loans, Secured Loans, Ch

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Uploaded on May 11, 2009 by Chance21558

* A Special Phone Number to call and find out about every Credit Card offer you receive. You'll finally know the truth about Security Deposits and Credit Checks… and be able to separate the legitimate offers from the scams.
* Get a couple of Must Have Letters. These letters are so effective that most can negotiate payments, paying as little as 35 cents on the dollar! All you need to do is fill in your details and plop them in the mail.
* Learn why you absolutely should NEVER under any circumstance use a certified mail return receipt when mailing your Credit Bureau disputes.
* Plus, get a short, polite, yet highly effective letter that's virtually guaranteed to STOP collection agencies from continuing to make harassing phone calls. (Hint: There's a Federal Law Bill that most collectors don't want you to know about.)
* Get an amazing software program to help record your financial progress. Track credit owed, calculate your payments, and figure out how long it'll be until you're debt free. (FREE for the first 30

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