A Peek Into The Future

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Uploaded on October 29, 2006 by Ajay Pattanshetty

The idea is to do away with the size and enhance the features. The mobile phone of the future is not just an accessory but becomes a part of your personality.The vision begins with a mobile phone the size of the capsule which conveniently fits in your ears. Its soft titanium alloys ensures no side-effects. The Nokiapsule has all the highend technology including gb/tb memory, bluetooth for wireless connectivity, voice recognition to execute all common mobile functions of the present day, a 'babel fish' language translator based on the vibrations received from outside so that you are never an alien in any part of the world. The Nokiapsule is no less on entertainment providing seamless music, movies from its high capacity inbuilt disk,internet,GPS,Television which can be viewed on its TS-transmission spectacles which is its only accessory.The TS-Transmission spectacles also supports a gegapixel camera which can directly upload the data into your capsule database or on the internet.

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