Coastal Vacations -- It's Hard To Make Money (Coastal Scam)

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*******www.MORVacationsAmerica**** --//.. The current growth of the travel industry is 23% faster than th...
*******www.MORVacationsAmerica**** --//.. The current growth of the travel industry is 23% faster than the world economy and poised to explode as baby boomers continue to retire and travel more. Where is the Coastal Vacations support people expect to have. Baby boomers will retire ever 8 seconds for the next 18 years. There are larger airliners and cruise ships to accommodate them. People made lots of money with Coastal Vacations before there was competition Members have always complained about problems with the travel vouchers that need to be mailed in with a money orders so the Coastal Vacations shipping center can send members another voucher that needs to be mailed into Coastal Vendors. The membership cards of Coastal Vacations are expensive and equally difficult to use. Hype surrounds the Coastal Vacations program. Take a look only if you Don’t want to loose your money. While many are Coastal Vacations scam victims, and even more victims simply never make any money, it is no secret that there are problems. There isn’t a company, a president, a building or any employees. Who can the scam victims complain to? So many have been scammed, but who is serving jail time?. Many have lost money with Coastal Vacations. There are several major complaints about Coastal Vacations. This is a ghost money making program. Coastal Vacations is not a company. There is no address for Coastal Vacations DFI. They don’t have a building or employees. If you have a complaint or want to call about a scam, there is no one to answer the phone. If you want to book travel, it isn’t easy. There’s no website to book travel on or a toll free number to call. To book travel with Coastal Vacations, you must mail in free travel vouchers with money orders or use the membership cards that cost an additional $89 a year. Using the Coastal Vacations membership cards are not easy. If you want to consult with someone about your travel, there are no employees to talk to. . Some say Coastal Vacations is a Scam. There is no company {scam}. There is no president {scam} Coastal vacations does not even have a building. Are these signs Coastal Vacations is a scam or what? Scam artists have profited with the Coastal vacations loose and easy business model for years. With Coastal Vacations there is no company to police what the members do. Scam artists with Coastal Vacations have collected money and never sent a membership. When someone joins the Coastal vacations DFI program they pay the so-called director and hope they get some value for what they paid. With Coastal vacations the company does not collect the money. If fact, those who are scam victims don’t even have someone they can call to verify if a scam artist is actually a director in good standing or not. Coastal vacations scam victims must rely on law enforcement to try to recover lost money after the fact. Let’s face it, the FBI has other things to attend to, they can’t give Coastal vacations scam artists their full attention.